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Telecom & Networking

We are awarded with The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme in telecom manufacturing, benefiting the...
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Automotive & EV

The globe is moving towards a green and clean environment. We at Surbhi are highly...
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Consumer Electronics

Surbhi has been focusing on manufacturing a broad range of consumer electronic products including television,...
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Hearables & Wearables

We make sure our Hearables & Wearables, final assembly process ensures precision, giving attention to...
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Power Electronics

Manufacturing electronic equipment related to light and energy involves the production of devices that generate,...
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Internet Of Things

The IoT and home automation electronic industry demands a combination of electronics, connectivity, and software...
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Home Appliance

We manufacture home appliance CCTV cameras involves a combination of electronics, optics, and mechanical assembly....
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Medical Electronics

With a growing focus on telemedicine and remote healthcare services, there’s an increasing demand for...
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