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We are awarded with The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme in telecom manufacturing, benefiting the company to manufacture telecom and networking products in India. Some of the key advantages of the PLI scheme in telecom manufacturing include: Financial Incentives, Boost to Domestic Manufacturing, Technology Upgradation, Global Competitiveness, Attracting Investments, Contribution to GDP.
We are capable of manufacturing telecom devices like Optical Line Terminal (OLT) and Optical Network Unit (ONU). These devices are crucial components in fiber-optic network systems commonly used for high-speed broadband and telecommunications services.
We manufacture OLTs and ONUs involving intricate processes that include PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly, component integration, firmware installation, testing, and quality control. We possess the necessary infrastructure, skilled workforce, certifications and experience to meet the demanding requirements of producing OLTs and ONUs.