½” SuperFlex DIN Female Connector

1. ½” SuperFlex DIN Female RF Connector is in accordance with IEC601694: 1975

2. Interface screw thread M29* 1.5

Material and Plating

Name of Part Material Plating Thickness of Plating
Shell Brass (HPb59-1) Nickel Plated 7 µ
Connecting Nut Brass (HPb59-1) Nickel Plated 7 µ
Outer Conductor Brass (HPb59-1) Silver Plated ≥5 µ
Preventive Ring Brass (HPb59-1) Nickel Plated 7 µ
Sealing Silicone Rubber
Collar Brass (HPb59-1) Silver Plated ≥5 µ
Probe Bronze (QSn 6.5-0.1) Silver Plated ≥5 µ
Guide Brass (HPb59-1) Nickel Plated 7 µ
Insulator PTEF (SFX-1)
Lining nut Silicone Rubber
Cable Cover Silicone Rubber

4. Working Environment: Working Temperature: 40˚C ± 85˚C Relative Moisture: 90-95% (Temperature: 40˚C ± 2˚C) Atmospheric pressure: (70’ 106) KPa

Mechanical Characteristics


Contact Resistance (MΩ)

Inner Conductor ≤ 0.4
Outer Conductor ≤ 0.2
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) ≥ 10˚C
Withstanding Voltage AC (V/min) 4000
VSWR (0⁓2 GHz) ≤ 1.1

6. When results tested different analysers are different should adopt the HP testing device as criteria