Product Overview

NDS3332 IP QAM modulator is Mux-scrambling-modulating all-in-one device developed by DEXIN. It has 32 multiplexing channels, 32 scrambling channels and 32 QAM (DVB-C) modulating channels, and supports maximum 1024 IP input through the GE port and 32 non-adjacent carriers (50MHz~960MHz) output through the RF output interface. The device is characterized with dual RF output ports which broaden the bandwidth for QAM carriers.

Key Features

  • 2 GE input, Data1 and Data2 (SFP interface optional)
  • Supports up to 1024 IP input through GE1 & GE2 over UDP/RTP
  • Max 840Mbps for each GE input
  • Supports accurate PCR adjusting, CA PID filtering, PID remapping and PSI/SI editing
  • Supports up to 256 PID remapping per channel
  • Support DVB general scrambling system (ETR289), simulcrypt standards ETSI 101 197 and ETSI 103 197
  • Support 32 multiplexed or scrambled IP out over UDP/RTP/RTSP
  • 32 non-adjacent QAM carriers output with 2 RF ports, compliant to DVB-C (EN 300 429) and ITU-T J.83 A/B
  • Supports RS (204,188) encoding
  • Support Web-based Network management