If your coverage doesn’t reliably follows your customers wherever they go, even the most powerful wireless network can drop connections disappoint customers and cost you trust. We offer practical wireless solutions that meet the challenges of today’s mobile networks. We help you deliver coverage and capacity indoors and outdoors.

In Building Solution

  • Provide quick coverage solution for small signal weak & block zones, reduce drop/off calls.
  • Compact size, low consumption, easy installation, full range cover.
  • Cover about 800~200 m2 without block or obstruct.
  • Reduce cellphone transmit power and radiation, extend cell phone battery life.
  • Low gain low noise figure, high linear design, low interference to BTS.
  • Easy to see the signal good or not by the LCD Screen display signal function.

Normal solutions for complete set

  • Outdoor antenna
  • Indoor antenna
  • Outdoor 10 meters cable
  • Indoor 2 meter cable
  • Repeater
  • Spliter