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Telecom & Networking

We are awarded with The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme in telecom manufacturing, benefiting the company to manufacture telecom and networking products in India. Some of the key advantages of the PLI scheme...
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Automotive & EV

The globe is moving towards a green and clean environment. We at Surbhi are highly keen and motivated to manufacture all EV related products and cater to the Automotive industry for mass manufacturing...
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Consumer Electronics

Surbhi has been focusing on manufacturing a broad range of consumer electronic products including television, smartphones, laptops, tablets, cctv cameras and more. We are capable to handle complex processes, delicate components, and adherence...
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Hearables & Wearables

We make sure our Hearables & Wearables, final assembly process ensures precision, giving attention to detail, and adherence to quality control standards. We work with collaboration between design, engineering, and manufacturing teams is...
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Power Electronics

Manufacturing electronic equipment related to light and energy involves the production of devices that generate, control, or utilize light and energy for various applications. This could include products such as Energy Meter,LED lighting...
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Internet Of Things

The IoT and home automation electronic industry demands a combination of electronics, connectivity, and software expertise. We as a manufacturer in this space are agile in adapting to evolving standards and technologies to...
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